Friday 23 June 2017

Dream Defenders on World Screen

WingsMedia & Tiny Island Tie Up for Sci-Fi IP

Shanghai Media Group’s WingsMedia and Tiny Island Productions have partnered for WingsMedia’s planned mega-franchise Starship MZ, which they hope to grow into China’s equivalent of the Marvel Universe franchise.

When Starship MZ launches this year, Tiny Island will create content based on its hit sci-fi kids’ animated show Dream Defenders that will lead to new TV series, feature films, comics and more, adapted for the Chinese market. Dream Defenders centers on twin siblings who enter dreams to protect the real world against nightmare monsters. Tiny Island is also working with fast-food restaurants on Dream Defenders-themed promotions.

“By leveraging on WingsMedia’s vast experience and expertise, while tapping [into] China’s historical and rich legacy of art and culture, together we will bring China-made science fiction to the next level,” said David Kwok, the CEO of Tiny Island Productions. “We are very grateful to WingsMedia for this special opportunity.”

Kwok explained how Dream Defenders has been adapted for Chinese audiences: “Somewhere in China, a city suddenly comes under attack by nightmare monsters based on Chinese mythology, such as the Dragon, Kirin and Phoenix. A pair of Chinese twins desperately sends out a distress call for help to Zane and Zoey from the original series, who reveal the secret technology to enter the Dream Worlds. Now these new Chinese heroes must race against time to save their friends and family from the threat of the nightmare monsters.”

Kwok continued: “To make Dream Defenders stand out globally, Tiny Island Productions constantly explores emerging technologies, from its initial broadcast in stereoscopic 3D on 3Net (joint venture 24/7 3D network from Sony, Discovery and IMAX) to creating augmented reality and interactive virtual reality experiences that immerse viewers in the Dream Defenders universe.

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