Thursday, 8 May 2014

15K Likes on Dream Defenders Facebook

15K likes! Thank you so much everybody!

Dream Defenders AR game might make a come back at Vivo City!

We have a great news! We will probably be launching the AR Game again for those who has missed it. It will be at Skypark of VivoCity over 2 days on 21-22 June 2014. Mark your calendar and watch this space for details.

Dream Defenders Instagram Competition Winner!

Dream Defenders Adventures congratulates "dariusdraws" for his winning entry in our recent Dream Defenders IPOS Instagram Competition. "dariusdraw's" Instagram entry had the most number of likes as of May 6, 2014, and he wins a $50 Kinokuniya Book Voucher, a free 3D course sponsored by CG Protege Animation School, as well as a free studio tour to Tiny Island Productions, the animation studio behind the Dream Defenders TV Series. Thank You to all who participated in our competition and dropped by the Dream Defenders booth during World IP Day at Bugis Junction. The above winner will be contacted via Instagram.

Inside Tiny Island Productions at Bestway Building

Though we have moved to a new office, the spirit and culture of the people will never change! Thank You everyone, past and present who has contributed to the company. Together, we will continue to work towards our dream!

Making of Dream Defenders Collectible Video