Thursday, 31 July 2014

Cartoon Connection Korea

Next stop, Dream Defenders will probably travel to Korea. Jeju Island. A beautiful island and a great opportunity for Asians to meet the Europeans Producers.

CARTOON CONNECTION Asia-EU (Jeju, 11-14 November)

Cartoon Connection Korea 2011 from CARTOON on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tiny Island Productions Inc is officially incorporated in New York City.

Tiny Island Productions Inc is officially incorporated in New York City. Yeah. One more step to our next milestone.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Marco Perego visit Tiny Island Productions

Glad my friend Marco Perego finally make it to our studio. It's our great honour to receive him. Previously we were working on a project together. He is here with his wife Zoe Saldana in Singapore to promote the Film Guardian of the Galaxy.

Dream Defenders on C21 Media


Dream Defenders on TBI Vision

 Glad the international publication has started picking up the news. Thanks for your support. Dream Defenders on TBI Vision. Link

Dream Defenders in Thailand

To our friends in Thailand. Dream Defenders starts today on Ch 3 family in Thailand เตรียมพบกับเพื่อนใหม่ของเชลล์ดอน Dream Defenders ในวันที่ 7 กรกฎาคม นี้ครับ

Hans Bacher at Tiny Island Productions

Hans Bacher is a good friend and has been very supportive to us. He has worked as a production designer in the animation film industry for the last 40 years. He lived and worked in duesseldorf, london, paris, los angeles, manila and tokyo. He has worked for Disney for many years. Some of the award winning films he worked on include Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King and many more. The artwork behind us is the original sketch he did for Dream Defenders. He has given us some very valuable input for our character design at the initial stage.

Dream Defenders on Thailand Channel 3 Family

For our friends in Thailand...

Shellhut Entertainment and Tiny Island Productions bring Dream Defenders to Thailand Channel 3 Family

BANGKOK, 2nd July 2014 - This July, Thai audiences are in for an animation treat, as the award winning Dream Defenders animated series will finally debut on Channel 3 Family, one of Thailand's largest television network. Produced by Tiny Island Productions and distributed by Shellhut Entertainment in Thailand, this marks yet another exciting collaboration between the 2 animation companies. Shellhut Entertainment and Tiny Island Productions have previously worked together on Shelldon the TV Series, one of Thailand's most famous animated TV series which has been shown on NBC Qubo and France 5 and is now distributed by DHX Media worldwide. This time, a major campaign will be launched to distribute and publicize Dream Defenders in Thailand. Dream Defenders tells the story of Zane and Zoey, twins who defend the real world from nightmare monsters from the Dreamworlds. Aimed at kids 6-12, the 22min x 26 episode TV series features incredible gadgets, uniquely designed creatures and fantastic dreamworlds. Fully created and produced by Tiny Island Productions, one of Singapore's top animation studios, its story credits include some of L.A.'s top writers such as Eric and Julia Lewald whose credits include the hit X-Men and Gargoyles animated series. The show made its debut on the other side of the world in America where it premiered in stereoscopic 3D format on 3net, the 3D channel formed by Sony, Discovery and IMAX, becoming one of its top kids program. Since then, it has gone on to win the Asia Image Apollo Awards 2013 for Best 3D Animation. With Dreamworks Classics as its main distributor, it has reached out to more than 60 countries across the globe including Germany (Super RTL), Planeta Junior as well as on OTT platforms such as Hulu. Dream Defenders make its Thailand debut on 7th July this year at Prime Time 18:00-18:30hour on Free-to-air Ch 3 Family. link


Amazing. For those in the US, now you can watch Dream Defenders on COMCAST XFINITY TV. Yeah.