Wednesday 3 February 2016

Christmas at Tiny Island Productions

Christmas at Tiny Island Productions more pictures here!

We have a good meeting with the team of government delegates from the Fukuoka City of Japan. 

Fukuoka is a very interesting city. It is expected to grow in the years ahead especially in animation and media. In terms of rent, it is much lower than Singapore. Salary is about 35% cheaper than us. In general, it is much cheaper than most Japanese cities. It is well linked to other cities in Japan and the location is in the centre of Asia. Their government is looking at ways to grow the animation and media sector by providing support. Fukuoka is considered as a earthquake free zone. I am not surprise that someday, it will take over Tokyo. 

It will really be exciting if Tiny Island can setup a branch in Fukuoka to tap on the creatives there to produce a Japanese version of the Dream Defenders trilogy. Something I have been thinking for sometime. 

The immediate collaboration we are in planning stage is to go there to share our experience in IP creations for the global market. Hopefully this will encourage more Japanese indie producers to go global and build a whole new market for themselves. We will probably be there next year to present a industry talk and hopefully followed by running seminars there.

Tiny Island Productions at ATF

Our first round of VR/Stereo3d prototype test for Dream Defenders. It has been well received at the recent ATF. We have shown it to companies like Jim Henson, DHX Media, Guru Studio etc. We have also shown to major Chinese companies like Alpha Animation and SMG. 

Imagine we can allow user to experience being part of the story. Walking, jumping high and shooting the nightmare monsters in the Dream World. And joining Zane and Zoey in the adventure. Next we will work on multiple users. 

Next stop, Hunan and Shanghai. And we will see you at Kidscreen Miami. 

Thanks to Presence Pictures our partner for all their contributions.

Tuesday 2 February 2016

New Home for Tiny Island Productions and Dream Defenders

 Its official. We are moving to 2 Veerasamy Road on the 21st Nov 2015. Our New Home, our new office.

Dream Defenders on VR


Our prototype is almost done. Thanks to Edmund. We are experimenting using VR and stereoscopic 3D technology to tell the Dream Defenders story. Allowing users to feel as though they are in the scene interacting with the environment, walking and jumping high, shooting lasers at the momok just by staring at the momok. 

Moving forward, we also hope to allow multiple users to participate together. And all you need is a iPhone. 

The first stop demo will be at the coming Asia Television Forum. Followed by in China, Kidscreen Miami and LA.

Dream Defenders on EDM website

Dream Defenders featured on EDM website. Link here