Thursday, 28 June 2012

On the Ball

Thanks to the cool gadget that Dr. D made, Zane has a shield handy during critical moments.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Behind the scene 1 I Characters

As we promise before, here are some of our concept arts. Take a look at our interesting designs for our characters.
Zane Mercer turnaround

Zoey Mercer turnaround

Dr. Doug Mercer turnaround

Lydia Mercer turnaround

Icela turnaround 

Stay tuned for more! 


Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Dreamwalking is no walk in the park. For Dreamwalkers their nightmares are very much real. To make matter worse, Dreamwalkers can get hurt in the real world from falling off stairs, getting hit by a car, et cetera. How scary is that?

Remember once we caution you to avoid the Momok's lasso? Unfortunately, in that particular scene, David Yamaguchi was captured by the Momok's lasso. Soon, he was Dreamwalking. Did you notice that his eyes turned silver then? This is how Zane and Zoey can tell if a person they see in the real world is Dreamwalking.

When Icela attacks a dreamer's mind with the Momok's lasso, she can hold onto his mind after he wakes, keeping it under her control. So even though the dreamer is now awake, he is still having his nightmare. He cannot tell if the things he is seeing are from his nightmare or in the real world; to him they are all real. People around him can tell that he is "not himself". He is Dreamwalking!

Stay tuned for more!


Monday, 25 June 2012

The Meridian

How is everyone? Did you have a great weekend? I bet!

We have introduced you to almost everyone in Dream Defenders. Don't you want to know about where Dream Defenders takes place?

It takes place at a suburban town called Meridian.

Meridian town is your average fun, small, peaceful town with various ammenities like :

Meridian High, This is the high school that our heroes attend, complete with state-of-the-art classrooms, a cafeteria, various sports facilities, and an auditorium.

Sweet Dreams Diner, the local diner and favorite hangout spot for Zane and Zoey. Sweet Dreams is owned by Dave Yamaguchi.

Ment@l Games, the local geeked-out fanboy store, pureyor of comic books, computer games, cult videos, and survivalist gear. It is owned by Dennis Beasley.

Meridian Tech (Meridian Institute for Science and Technology : MIST) is the town's university and dream research center. Dr. Mercer works as a dream researcher here.

We will show you some cool concept art from our artists soon! Stay tune!  and....


Friday, 22 June 2012

Dream Defenders on Channel NewsAsia

Happy Weekends everyone, remember to tune in to Channel NewsAsia this Sunday (June 24th) at 9.30PM (SIN/HK) where Dream Defenders will be featured on Money Mind.

Have a nice weekend! Stay tuned for more!


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dennis Beasley

Today, let us introduce to you guys Dennis Beasley!

Dennis is a pimply, red-headed, 18-year-old former student of Meridian High School. A hardcore gamer, he spends his life in the comic - book / game / gadget store he inherited from his mom. Later on, he goes to absurdly elaborate lengths to unmask the truth about Zane and Zoey – but he never quite succeeds. Though he appears rather anti social, he actually wish to play games together with Zane and his buddies.

Mental Games, Dennis inherited this store from his mom

What on earth is he wearing ?

Told ya'! Dennis loves toys!

They are not much of what we call friends but here he is in Zane's house


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dave Yamaguchi

Hi, everyone! We posted a picture on facebook a few days ago, wonder who was that looking through the window blinds!

He is none other than Dave Yamaguchi!

A big happy bear of a man from Hawaii. He runs the local diner, Sweet Dreams Diner. The place that everyone hangs out in Meridian.

Well liked by everyone, he always has news of the latest happenings in town. 

Dave Yamaguchi

Sweet Dream Diner

The kids of Meridian also chip in to help Dave when they are free.

Stay tuned for more! :D


Monday, 18 June 2012

Mom and Dad Mercer

Hellow again, everyone! We hope you had a great weekend and for the Daddies out there, Happy Father's Day again! :D

Talking about Father's Day, Zane and Zoey grew up in a simple but happy family. Their father, Doug Mercer is a neurology professor and people call him Dr. Mercer. Meanwhile their mother, Lydia Mercer is a local television news reporter. They are firm but loving parents.

Ever since they moved to Meridian, both of them are a little concerned about how the twins have been acting oddly.

Doug Mercer, the father. What could be behind the door? 

Lydia Mercer, the mother. She seems excited about reporting the news! We wonder what it is about!

We are sure they will be proud if they learn about Zane and Zoey's heroic duties.

So, don't worry Mr. and Mrs. Mercer!


Friday, 15 June 2012

The Creator

Now you know about bit about the Dreamworlds, the Villains and the Dream Defenders. Don't you want to know who created ZEUS and all the cool gadgets?

You might remember us mentioning Dr.D in one of our previous posts.  

Better known as Dr. D, Dr. Alec Daedelus is a trustworthy ally. Being the creator of ZEUS, Dr. D and ZEUS had a very close relationship. Dr. D. put his heart and soul and a lifetime of study into the creation of ZEUS. However, he went missing suddenly. ZEUS hopes his new friends Zane and Zoey can help find Dr. D.

Stay tuned!


Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Geeky Best Buddies

All of us have friends, don't we? Just like Zane. He has his two geeky best buddies that he plays with and relies on.

They are Tucker and Patel. Do remember them! Because they are quite important in this adventure. Tucker is chubby, short and wide-eyed while Patel is skinny and tall. They do their best to help but are not exactly superhero material.

Here comes the interesting part; they are the only ones beside Zane and Zoey who know about the Dreamworlds. Oh how do they know about the Dreamworlds? Ah, this we can't tell you yet. It will spoil the fun! They are the ones who hold the fort in the Realworlds while Zane and Zoey battle the Momoks in the Dreamworlds. 

we wonder what are they discussing?

looks like they are in a trouble!

They are more the kind of guys who collect superhero figurines

wooo! what's going on here? Tucker in the armor?

As always, stay tuned for more!


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Momok Launcher

So, you have seen the Dream Defenders' cool gadgets yesterday. Now we are going to show you the machine that created those terrifying Momoks.

The APNEA6000 also known as the Momok Launcher is a machine created by Nodd and Druul. By using the fears and anxieties of each individual Dreamer, the two engineers create the Momoks designed specifically to force the Dreamer into doing Icela's bidding.

concept design for APNEA6000

control panel detail for the APNEA6000

the APNEA600

Nodd and Druul lauched the Momok 

Stay tuned to know more about Dream Defenders. Meanwhile, you can visit the Dream Defenders Website and the Dream Defenders Adventure Facebook Page.


Monday, 11 June 2012

The Gadgets

Do you remember that we told you about this neuro-gear, super gadgets that ZEUS provided for the Mercer twins?

Besides ZEUS, the Dream Defenders' also rely on their Neuro-gear to aid them in their adventures. Neuro-Suits are the tough, sleek suits needed for human travel in the Dreamworlds, designed by Dr D. Neuro-grips are handle-bar-sized attachments that are located on the Dream Defenders' backs. They can materialize into various vehicles including motorcycles, jet-skis, mini-submersibles, mini-helicopters, etc. Neuro-Blasters are projectile weapons designed to fragment (“pixilate”) Dreamworld monsters. With a bank of recurring gadgets and occasional ‘modifications’ that ZEUS creates. The Neuro-Gear is invaluable to the Dream Defenders as they battle nightmare monsters and traverse the Dreamworlds. 


The Memory Transmitter is another tool used in the Dream Defenders' arsenal. It can be activated by the Dream Defenders to access the happy memories and thoughts of the Dreamwalkers such as their favourite smell, happiest thought, favourite taste. The happy memories of the Dreamwalkers weaken the Momok's defences and allow the Dream Defenders to pixellate them out of existence. It’s an awesome weapon in the Dream Defenders arsenal.