Thursday, 7 June 2012

Who are the Dream Defenders?

Hello, everyone! How are you today? We explored The Dreamworlds previously. This time, we will get to know who the Dream Defenders are.

Let us start with Zane and Zoey Mercer. They are twins, but they have contrasting personalities. Zane is easy-going, spontaneous, and inventive; while Zoey is organized, hard-working, and driven. They just moved to the town of Meridian because their father, Dr Doug Mercer, transfers work to the Dream Research Center to replace a missing professor, Dr.D. It was Dr D. who left the supercomputer ZEUS in his attic, now the Mercer's. It was by a pure coincidence that the Mercer twins discovered ZEUS.

Zane and Zoey stepping into their new home in Meridian

 The Mercer family moved into the house previously belonged to Dr D. Here, Zane and Zoey discovered ZEUS.

Speaking of which, ZEUS is also in the Dream Defenders team.

After Zane and Zoey discovered him, ZEUS tells them about the Dreamworlds and even brings them there! However, adventures in the Dreamworlds also require safety measures. For this purpose, ZEUS helps Zane and Zoey figure out their Neuro-gear. Built into Dr.D's attic, ZEUS "hides" when not in use. When he activates, the attic transforms into a super high-tech Command and Control Center.

The twins discovered something in the attic..

ZEUS reveals himself

Zane and Zoey discovered Neuro - Suit

ZEUS transporting the Mercer twins to the Dreamworld

Stay tuned to know more about Dream Defenders. Meanwhile, you can visit the Dream Defenders Website and Dream Defenders Adventure Facebook Page. Remember to like us on Facebook.


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