Monday 18 June 2012

Mom and Dad Mercer

Hellow again, everyone! We hope you had a great weekend and for the Daddies out there, Happy Father's Day again! :D

Talking about Father's Day, Zane and Zoey grew up in a simple but happy family. Their father, Doug Mercer is a neurology professor and people call him Dr. Mercer. Meanwhile their mother, Lydia Mercer is a local television news reporter. They are firm but loving parents.

Ever since they moved to Meridian, both of them are a little concerned about how the twins have been acting oddly.

Doug Mercer, the father. What could be behind the door? 

Lydia Mercer, the mother. She seems excited about reporting the news! We wonder what it is about!

We are sure they will be proud if they learn about Zane and Zoey's heroic duties.

So, don't worry Mr. and Mrs. Mercer!


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