Monday, 11 June 2012

The Gadgets

Do you remember that we told you about this neuro-gear, super gadgets that ZEUS provided for the Mercer twins?

Besides ZEUS, the Dream Defenders' also rely on their Neuro-gear to aid them in their adventures. Neuro-Suits are the tough, sleek suits needed for human travel in the Dreamworlds, designed by Dr D. Neuro-grips are handle-bar-sized attachments that are located on the Dream Defenders' backs. They can materialize into various vehicles including motorcycles, jet-skis, mini-submersibles, mini-helicopters, etc. Neuro-Blasters are projectile weapons designed to fragment (“pixilate”) Dreamworld monsters. With a bank of recurring gadgets and occasional ‘modifications’ that ZEUS creates. The Neuro-Gear is invaluable to the Dream Defenders as they battle nightmare monsters and traverse the Dreamworlds. 


The Memory Transmitter is another tool used in the Dream Defenders' arsenal. It can be activated by the Dream Defenders to access the happy memories and thoughts of the Dreamwalkers such as their favourite smell, happiest thought, favourite taste. The happy memories of the Dreamwalkers weaken the Momok's defences and allow the Dream Defenders to pixellate them out of existence. It’s an awesome weapon in the Dream Defenders arsenal. 


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