Monday, 25 June 2012

The Meridian

How is everyone? Did you have a great weekend? I bet!

We have introduced you to almost everyone in Dream Defenders. Don't you want to know about where Dream Defenders takes place?

It takes place at a suburban town called Meridian.

Meridian town is your average fun, small, peaceful town with various ammenities like :

Meridian High, This is the high school that our heroes attend, complete with state-of-the-art classrooms, a cafeteria, various sports facilities, and an auditorium.

Sweet Dreams Diner, the local diner and favorite hangout spot for Zane and Zoey. Sweet Dreams is owned by Dave Yamaguchi.

Ment@l Games, the local geeked-out fanboy store, pureyor of comic books, computer games, cult videos, and survivalist gear. It is owned by Dennis Beasley.

Meridian Tech (Meridian Institute for Science and Technology : MIST) is the town's university and dream research center. Dr. Mercer works as a dream researcher here.

We will show you some cool concept art from our artists soon! Stay tune!  and....


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