Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Geeky Best Buddies

All of us have friends, don't we? Just like Zane. He has his two geeky best buddies that he plays with and relies on.

They are Tucker and Patel. Do remember them! Because they are quite important in this adventure. Tucker is chubby, short and wide-eyed while Patel is skinny and tall. They do their best to help but are not exactly superhero material.

Here comes the interesting part; they are the only ones beside Zane and Zoey who know about the Dreamworlds. Oh how do they know about the Dreamworlds? Ah, this we can't tell you yet. It will spoil the fun! They are the ones who hold the fort in the Realworlds while Zane and Zoey battle the Momoks in the Dreamworlds. 

we wonder what are they discussing?

looks like they are in a trouble!

They are more the kind of guys who collect superhero figurines

wooo! what's going on here? Tucker in the armor?

As always, stay tuned for more!


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