Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Dreamwalking is no walk in the park. For Dreamwalkers their nightmares are very much real. To make matter worse, Dreamwalkers can get hurt in the real world from falling off stairs, getting hit by a car, et cetera. How scary is that?

Remember once we caution you to avoid the Momok's lasso? Unfortunately, in that particular scene, David Yamaguchi was captured by the Momok's lasso. Soon, he was Dreamwalking. Did you notice that his eyes turned silver then? This is how Zane and Zoey can tell if a person they see in the real world is Dreamwalking.

When Icela attacks a dreamer's mind with the Momok's lasso, she can hold onto his mind after he wakes, keeping it under her control. So even though the dreamer is now awake, he is still having his nightmare. He cannot tell if the things he is seeing are from his nightmare or in the real world; to him they are all real. People around him can tell that he is "not himself". He is Dreamwalking!

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