Wednesday 6 June 2012

The Dreamworlds

Dream Defenders is about story that happens in Two Worlds. The Dreamworlds and The Realworlds. Let us explain it to you. What we meant by those.  

The Dreamworlds is where our dreams carry us to when we sleep because our dreams are unique to each and every one of us. So as every Dreamworld to the individual dreamer. So countless are the number of Dreamworlds that these exist not on a single planet but in an entire cosmos of them. The environment or “Dreamscape” that is found on each Dreamworld has its own laws of physics and logic, determined by the sleeper, which may be very different from those of our “Real” physical world.

Too much text and explanation? Here, a little bit and pieces from the First Episode.

Dave Yamaguchi has to face his fear in opening up a new diner. His fear of cooking for paying customers manifests itself as gigantic hamburgers, cooking utensils, weird creatures and scary dark place. 

In Realworld, his diner is actually rather cozy and family friendly.

The Dream Defenders, Zane and Zoey with help from Zeus, dedicate themselves to save people from nightmares. However, they cannot help us from our fears. We should have the courage to face our on fears!


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