Tuesday, 30 April 2013

So the series continues...

#17 NODD & DRUUL 2.0 – ICELA finally looses patience with bumbling engineers NODD & DRUUL. She replaces them with a haughty new team, DRIBBLE & SNOOZE. Their first target is Zane & Zoey’s history teacher, MR. CARTER. When ZAND & ZOEY go in to rescue Mr. Carter’s dream self, the new engineers capture them. Imprisoned, the twins bump into the now-disgraced former engineers, Nodd & Druul, who have been demoted to prison janitors. The twins convince their old nemeses that if they work together, they can discredit the new team. It works – Zane and Zoey escape and save their teacher, while Nodd & Druul get their jobs back.

#18 BIG MAN ON CAMPUSWhen CHAD – a new student with a reputation as a bully – transfers to Meridian High, there’s mass panic: Chad is huge, and all the boys are scared of him. His mere presence sets off a rash of nightmares populated with BULLY-MOMOKS. Only ZOEY tries to get to know Chad. She alone learns the truth: Everybody has been assuming Chad’s a bully, but he’s really quiet & good-natured – other kids just pick fights with him to prove they’re tough. When ICELA exploits the rampant paranoia and uses a zombified Dreamwalking Chad to terrorize Meridian High, it’s up to ZANE & Zoey to set things right.

#19 FEARLESS – NODD AND DRUUL are stunned to discover a human Dreamer (dream self) that they cannot scare with a monster. ICELA is shaken by the news – what extraordinary human can live without fear? It’s STEPH – spacey friend of VI and ZOEY, whose off-center, wacky, illogical imagination has made her nightmare-proof! The Dreamworlds can’t use her mind against her because Steph’s mind interprets its dream images in such strange, unexpected ways. This news hits at the very core of Icela’s existence: she and her people live to scare humans in their nightmares. Icela has Nodd & Druul grab Steph’s Dreamer (with well-known Momok “THE DEPRIVATOR”) and they work to find her secret. Zane and Zoey have to come to the rescue Steph’s Dreamer – who has struck up an unlikely friendship with Druul.

#20 HI, DADZEUS locates DR. DAEDELUS while scanning the Dreamworlds. Zeus is thrilled: Dr. D made him, and he thought he’d never see him again! When Zeus explains his find to ZANE AND ZOEY, he realizes that this could be an ICELA trap. The twins know how much his “father” means to Zeus, so Zane and Zoey go to the Dreamworlds anyway to try to save him. But it was an Icela trap, and the twins end up stranded along with Dr. D. Zeus has to recruit TUCKER and PATEL to help him rescue Zane, Zoey, and Dr. D. In the end, Dr. D sacrifices his escape and remains in the Dreamworlds, captive, to give the twins a chance to escape.

#21 FAMILY BUSINESS – When DR. MERCER’s father comes to spend a little “quality time” with his grandkids, ZANE AND ZOEY uncover family secrets – in both the real world and the Dreamworlds. GRANDPA, once a stage magician and hypnotist, has unwittingly found a passageway into Icela’s Dreamworlds domain, and she wants his secret at all costs.

#23 EXO-ICELA BREAKS THROUGH – Engineers Nodd & Druul have come up with an EXO-SKELETON SUIT (like Siguorney Weaver wore in ALIENS) from which she can remote-control Momok monsters -- speaking and seeing through them. She tries it out with her favorite Momok, THE DEPRIVATOR. When Zane and Zoey travel to Dreamworlds to fight the Momok, Icela shows some serious moves. And when Zane and Zoey try to transport back, The Deprivator grabs Zane’s hand – and it and Zane and Zoey transport back to the real world. So the Deprivator is loose in Meridian, with Icela in her Exo-suit controlling it (and seeing, in imperfect tunnel vision, what the Deprivator sees). Zane and Zoey must stop The Deprivator and either destroy it or send it back.

#24 DANCING WITH THE ‘80s – When ZANE AND ZOEY and the rest of their freshman class (TUCKER, PATEL, VI, STEPH, etc.) have a “retro 1980s” dance party at Dave’s Diner, there’s a surprise zombified Dreamwalker turning things upside down – one of the school staff chaperones, the normally reserved MS. BUNSEN. As various student relationships play out during the dance party, Zane and Zoey have to travel to Dreamworlds to discover why a horrifying Disco-Momok has snagged Ms. Bunsen’s Dreamer (who appears 14-years-old in her dream) and what personal trauma led her to be at its mercy.


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