Tuesday, 30 April 2013

M.I.S.T.-ERY The Three Parter - 3Part Original Story

This included Ep 22 / 25 / 26

When the MERCER FAMILY move into meridian, ZANE and ZOEY's parents said it would be like embarking on a new adventure. But while going to school and making new friends was fun, it is what they discover in their new home that really excites them. Hidden in the attic is a super-computer called ZEUS, who introduces them to the DREAMWORLDS: the place where human minds go to when they dream. At the same time, a growing number of Meridian's citizens have started wandering about in a zombiefied daze, and its not long before Zoey starts behaving strangely. Is there a connection between this and the Dreamworlds?

Zane races against time to rescue Zoey, as Zeus reveals that the cause behind Zoey's strange behaviour, and those of Meridian's zombiefied citizens. Zoey is being trapped in a DREAMWALKING state because her dream-self, her DREAMER, had been captured by a monster (MOMOK) under the command of the DREAMWORLD's imperious queen ICELA (and her assistants Nodd and Drull). To save his sister, Zane will have to enter Zoey's dream and free her from the MOMOK. Zeus gives Zane a high-tech NEURAL-SUIT fitted with advanced weapons, but that alone might not be enough to help him defeat the MOMOK.

DR MERCER, Zane and Zoey's father, has found the research notes and secret laboratory of the missing DR DAEDELUS, the first human to consciously enter the DREAMWORLDS and also the creator of ZEUS. Dr Daedelus had actually been trapped in the Dreamworlds by Icela who wants to know how he could move between the two worlds. When Dr Daedelus refused to reveal the secret, she captures Dr Mercer's DREAMER and tricks him into helping her instead. Zane and Zoey must re-enter the Dreamworlds, rescue ther father and Dr Daedelus, and prevent Icela from invading the real world; all the while keeping anyone from finding out about Zeus and their activities as DREAM DEFENDERS.

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