Friday, 8 May 2015

Word from our CEO, David Kwok

Due to some reasons, I was not arranged to see the major Chinese Players at the market. These players are amazingly big. They owed themeparks, TV stations, toy companies, theme restaurants and shopping malls. 

My Korean business friend told me not to give up. Asked me to gate crash. (I like their courage and spirit. Something we should learn from) So I humble myself and tried. 

I took the courage and went right in. When I saw them, I started by apologizing for intruding and beg them to give me a chance. I told them that I will be fast as I do not require interpreter. At the end, the Chinese were impressed and they are ready to discuss about bringing Dream Defenders in larger scale in China. I am really thankful to my Korean friend for his encouragement. 

It used to be an advantage for Koreans who speak English in Korea. Now it is Chinese Language that many has started to learn. 

One lesson I learnt from this experience is not to neglect the importance of language skill. I used to wonder what use do I have for being able to speak Cantonese, Chinese and French. Now it becomes a blessing when I do business with French, Hk and China. You don't have to read and write. At least able to speak and understand. Even a few words will make the difference in relationships. This could be your advantage and you might be thankful like me someday. 

Business opportunities to meet someone important do not happen everyday. Once you see it. Don't hesitate. Don't think twice. Take a deep breath. Go for it. Whether you fail or succeed. At least you try. If you lose the chance, you might never be given a second chance. 

Once I saw Jeffrey Katzenberg in his car at Dreamworks. The car stopped. I hesitate whether I should go forward and introduce myself. In the end, I didn't have the courage. Now I can only regret. Ha ha.

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