Wednesday 27 May 2015

Opportunity opens up for Dream Defenders

The conference calls with the 2 potential Chinese Partners went well today. One of them is a key player in Shanghai who has invested in a major US Animation Studio in China. The other is the number one satellite TV station in China. We are honoured that both of them are interested to move the discussion forward to the next stage. Guess we will be heading to China next. 

In China, the players have the all in one capability - distributions, promotions, broadcasting, toys manufacturing, theme-park and theme restaurants, licensing / merchandising, investing in TV series and feature film etc. They have the ability to grow Dream Defenders brand in China much further and bigger. 

This opportunity really opens up a new chapter for us. Its a whole new lesson for us. It feels like going to school all over again. There is so much to learn. And most of all, we are one tiny step closer to our dream. That is to bring Singapore work to the world. Keep Dreaming. Keep believing.

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