Wednesday 16 November 2016

My son and Dream Defenders

I have never shown Dream Defenders to my son. I was worried it is too scary for him. The series wasn't meant for pre school kids and I can never imagine he will like it someday.

Years passed and now he has grown up. The other day, he saw the new pitch trailer that was done. Since then, he kept asking me to show him the series. He seems to really enjoy the show. I have to say it touches me when I see how excited he was when he was watching it.

This kind of joy guess not many will understand. The feeling is priceless. And money can never fulfil. It adds meaning to our journey. No matter how many fans you have. Your son appreciation is the most valuable gift that one can ever ask for. All the effort and sacrifices that has been put in during the past years is all worth it now.

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